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2017 North Carolina Art Contest

March 02, 2017
By Kim Zeigler

This year’s theme is “Beyond the Cloud.”
State Awards: Entries in each age group were judged, and state winners and runners-up were selected. Winners will receive a certificate and recognition from the state. The top three entries in each age group will be forwarded to Washington, D.C. to be judged in the national competition being held the week of March 12.
Emma Kerns won First Place in the Senior Division.
There were 1,007 students, representing 144 hometowns and 99 different schools entered in the 2017 Aviation Art Contest.


October 25, 2016
By Amie Weir


Our Varsity ladies volleyball team had a great season! Finishing first in the MAAC conference and first in that tournament and finishing 4th in the CSAA state tournament . These girls have played their hearts out and have a special bond with one another that is truly special. Thanks to everyone that came out to support them this season!

Washington DC

October 24, 2016
By Amie Weir

8th Grade Washington DC Trip!

Grandfather Mountain

October 18, 2016
By Amie Weir

We met early on a Wednesday morning, which was fine by us because we were so excited to go on the field trip! We were thinking, “If the sun isn’t up, then why are we?” but we were still really excited for the trip ahead. Katherine and Madi even almost beat Mrs. Hammack to the school at 6:30am! They were so excited that they ran up and down the hall of the school. We piled on the bus and started the trip with a prayer. The bus ride there was awesome and some of us slept a lot. As we got closer, the bus ride was very windy; you could tell we were traveling up a mountain!

When we first arrived we were really tired but very excited because we knew there was an awesome day ahead planned by amazing people. We were so glad to get off the bus and start the adventure! Some of us were nervous about the bridge but excited for the day ahead.

The Habitat tour began and we did not even know they had animals there and it turned out they were some of our favorite ones.  We loved learning about the special and unique things God had created them with.  We loved the bears, bald eagles and the otters. We were surprised by some of the unique features of these particular bears.  One of them kept sticking her tongue out at us and one of them only drank water by licking it off of his own paw! It was so funny to see him dip his paw in the water and lick it off! The otters were so cute and adorable! We took a lot of pictures of the amazing animals.

Then, we started our hike up to the “mile high” swinging bridge. Mrs. Hammack instructed us to take our heart rate before the hike.  Some of us were faster on the hike then others.  Luke A., Madi, Luke G. and Ashley were in the front...Mrs. Hammack tried to keep up with them but needed to tell them to wait for her a couple times! It was a fun workout and we loved the beautiful nature we were exploring. We took our heart rate again in the middle of the hike and discussed why it was higher (homeostasis!). Finally, we reached the entrance to the swinging bridge. Some of us started to worry because it was so high up in the sky.

Some people were more scared than they thought they would even took Mrs. Pedersen a little while to gather her courage to cross the bridge! But, our favorite part was the view as we crossed the bridge. It was amazing!  You could even see a golf course or two. We were surprised that the bridge doesn’t actually just vibrates a bit. Ashley and Katherine went across together, but it was more terrifying for Madi! On the other side, we took a picture of the entire class and we sat on the beautiful rocks and took in God’s amazing creation. Ryan and Sam crossed with Ryan’s mother. Aaron, Luke G. and Luke A. could have sat on those rocks forever.  Even those of us who had second thoughts about crossing were happy they did and wanted to do it again!  It looked like Gigi and others were standing on the edge of the mountain. We all were assigned chaperones to make sure we were safe!

After we visited the swinging bridge gift shop we ate lunch in a park and went to the museum.  It was amazing and we recognized a lot of things from Science class. We had a scavenger hunt to complete that was really fun. We enjoyed reading about the tree cross section. It was a really old tree and you could count the ridges to see how old it was. We also saw a scale model of the mountain, gems from the area and many plant and animal species that are native to the mountains in North Carolina.

After the museum scavenger hunt, we had time to explore on our own with our chaperones.  Ashley, Madi and Katherine has a great time with Mrs. Sosa (the best chaperone EVER according to them)! Groups went to the yummy fudge shop (free samples!) and went back to the animal habitats.  The otters were swimming and having so much fun! Some groups walked down the path from the fudge shop to see the split rock. It looked like a lightning bolt went right through it!  Some people took pictures that looked like they were holding up the rock. Groups climbed on the rocks along the paths and even posed for a picture with Midred the Bear.

Too soon it was time to leave. We enjoyed the snacks the teachers gave us on the bus ride as well as talking to each other about our day. Some of us listened to music or played games...and some of us fell asleep (Emma)! As we got closer to the school, we thanked God for an awesome field trip. We loved the trip, especially having fun with our friends and exploring God’s creation!


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