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Dress Code

DRESS CODE - STUDENT                                                                                    2017-2018



Liberty Prep views parents as primarily responsible for their child’s dress code compliance. At any time during the school day, the purpose of the dress code is to present a positive, modest image and provide an environment conducive to learning. All students are expected to maintain good grooming habits and appropriate dress. Parents, please take a moment each day to ensure your student is dressed according to policy.


  • Polo shirts, long or short sleeve, with LPCA logo (navy, light blue, gray, white, or burgundy)
  • Oxford shirts, long, three-quarter, or short sleeve with LPCA logo (white or light blue – not jean like material). Must be buttoned up to 2nd button.
  • Pullover sweater with LPCA Logo (gray or navy)
  • Crew, half-zip and hooded pullover sweatshirts with LPCA embroidered or screen-print logo (navy, light blue, gray, white, burgundy, or spirt wear type sweatshirt) NOTE: Polo/oxford with logo must be worn underneath if sweatshirt is taken off throughout the day.


  • Zip Fleece or Fleece Vest (solid gray or navy) – logo optional
  • Cardigan Sweaters (solid gray or navy) – logo optional
  • LPCA Varsity Jackets


  • Twill pants (khaki, black, navy or gray)
  • Bermuda (fingertip) length shorts (khaki, black, navy, or gray)


  • Skirts, with bike shorts worn underneath, or skorts (khaki, black, navy, gray, or burgundy & gray plaid)
  • Jumpers (navy, khaki, or burgundy & gray plaid) embroidered with LPCA logo
  • Polo dresses, Lands’ End Ponte Dress (navy or gray) embroidered with LPCA logo


  • LPCA T-shirt with Navy PE Shorts – purchased specifically from LPCA for PE class


  1. Clothing should be neat, clean, pressed and not torn. It should fit properly, not tight or loose, modest length. Skirts and jumpers should be fingertip length plus two inches (even if leggings underneath).
  2. Visible undershirts should be solid white, gray or navy.
  3. Closed-toe shoes or boots only (no flip flops, sandals, light up, or heels over 1”)
  4.  No visible tattoos, but no restrictions on hair color or length.
  5. Non-uniform jackets, sweatshirts or any other outerwear may NOT be worn in the classroom and must be left in locker. No hats may be worn in the school building.
  6. Spirit Wear days are noted on the school calendar. Any color LPCA attire may be worn on these days (t-shirts, club shirts, etc.), and High School may wear blue jeans without holes or tears.
  7. Leggings (any color) may be worn under skirts, but not alone as pants. No knit pants.
  8. Special occasion dress code will be noted for each event.
  9. Students violating dress code will be sent to the office to correct the offense, and for the appropriate disciplinary action.


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